What we do

Saudi Agricultural Development Co. -INMA- is one of the leading Saudi companies in the agricultural business. Established in 1982 (1402 Hijri). It is a Limited Liability Company, with a paid capital of SR 70,000,000.
Our main project area is around 11,00 Hectares (and growing), mainly located in Wadi Dawasir and Al Jouf province.

We are Innovative Producers of high quality agricultural products and services. Aiming to enhance the application of sustainable practices in the Kingdom. Applying the most advanced technologies and agricultural process.


Our strategic vision:

  • Creative solutions to enhance value for our customers and shareholders
  • Natural resources management and conservation
  • Best management practices of our agricultural operations


A sampling of INMA’s scope of operations include:

  • Seeds feeding
  • Water & Energy management
  • Specialty growing programs 
  • Collaborating with researchers abroad and within the Kingdom



A strong commitment to research & development

At INMA, we are investing in solutions that meet the needs of growers today and in the future. From seed treatments to postharvest products, we continue to be a strong partner for advancement in many areas:

  • Better seeds for improved yield and quality.
  • Drip irrigation over extensive areas.
  • Investing in required equipment and human resources
  • Promoting innovative and responsible solutions
There can be no sustainable agriculture without innovation
We innovate to insure our competitiveness and to contribute in meeting the challenges of the 21st century

Sustainable Agricultural production is one of the most important activities in INMA and aligns itself with the Kingdom's aim of preserving natural resources for future generations. As a matter of fact we are the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to grow crops taking into consideration the application of sustainability. INMA is the first company in KSA to have a Water & Energy Department (since 2005), with dedicated irrigation engineers.

Through all its developed projects across the Kingdom, INMA successfully put forth the application of advanced farming practices, including advanced systems for the rationalization of irrigation water and energy. We provide a wide range of products; from onions, potatoes, wheat, corn and alfalfa.

Scope of Operations

Water and Energy
  • INMA successfully implemented an integrated solution designed to help irrigated crops grow more with less water.
  • It brings together market-leading agronomic products, irrigation technologies and services to deliver a complete irrigated production system.
Sustainable Agriculture
  • INMA displays an in depth experience in grain production of Wheat, Corn,  as well as Green Fodder
Innovative Solutions
  • We process our own Potato seeds
  • We are ready to supply our customers with the best Potato seed quality.
  • We meet all the required quality standards
Premium Products
  • We have two cold storages with a total 7,240 tons capacity
  • Suitable for storing seed potatoes and table potatoes
  • Skilled labors handle loading & unloading operations