Future Outlook

  • To produce the highest quality crops with sustainable agriculture.
  • To be the most professional producer that grows with the highest efficiency.
  • To carry on procuring the most advanced technologies
  • To secure a continuously growing income.
  • To diversify the crop production, with a preference to have long-term contracts.

A Pledge for Life Conserving water

Making the most of every drop. Since our freshwater supplies are finite, it is vital for us to pursue innovations that help us use water more efficiently. We plan on widening the use of drip irrigation on large-scale areas with a saving of more than 50% in water compared to center pivot.

You are welcomed to visit us and witness examples of the awesome work INMA is doing.


A collaborative effort

Water conservation is a big challenge, and we certainly can't solve it alone. We partner with government, organizations, specialized companies of all sizes, and many others to address this part of the world water challenges and improve sustainable practices.


A Strong Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture.
mproving Agriculture. Improving Lives.

INMA works to make agriculture more productive. Our improved farm-management practices enable us to get more from every acre of farmland.

We've committed to increase crop yields by doing it with fewer resources such as land, water, and energy.

The efforts we nurture to develop new agronomic practices have resulted in big increases in yield and productivity. This is an opportunity for all the Kingdom's farmers to raise themselves to prosperity and brighter futures.

Innovative products and services to produce more and better.
By 2050, farmers will need to have increased agricultural production by 70% and meet the needs of some 10billion inhabitants . Agriculture will need to offer healthy and safe products, with limited arable land, by being even more economic in terms of resources.