How We Do it

In the tradition established by INMA shareholders and founding members, we have committed our company to excellence as we fulfill our goals to supply quality products year-round, provide unequalled customer service, and pioneer the way toward improving the Kingdom's sustainable agriculture.

As our company grows, we will keep these goals and values in focus, while continuing to develop our technical and operational expertise.



It is our strong belief that longstanding relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees are key to continuous growth. Doing business with us is a first-rate experience. INMA has been a pioneer in agricultural practices in Saudi Arabia, it opened up to new trials and new product and is always seeking change and progress. INMA has one of the best teams (if not the best); they have a strong sense of belonging. A team that INMA builds and trains to be up to the challenges ahead. Creating a great place to work, foster innovation, creativity, learning and reward.



Our customers rely on our ability to deliver the right quality at the right time at the right price. In every operational area from harvesting to delivery, we strive for excellence.

  • INMA is among the very few companies that use the GPS RTK system with high precision, hi-tech field monitoring, and all sorts of water and irrigation monitoring equipment that no other company uses effectively.
  • INMA is the only company in Saudi Arabia that uses drip irrigation on Potato, on large scale field.




Our reputation is best witnessed through the behaviors and decisions we make.

  • INMA has a solid reputation in the market to be the most professional multi crop growing company. This reputation has been built because INMA team strives to be ever more professional.
  • Quality Control, INMA follows a strict protocol for insuring traceability of all our products. Our efforts in quality control start with the planting process and move through our entire operation, till transportation, ensuring that all stages are completed according to the individual customer's specifications.



INMAA Promise

With over 30 years of experience in agriculture excellence, INMA makes the following promise to our customers and suppliers: We guarantee that our customers will always receive reliable, friendly service, on-time delivery and consistently superior products.